About Me

Hey, I’m Mariela, Founder of Soul Business Design

I left my job as a Project Manager in the aerospace industry to start own my business full-time in 2020, after setting that goal 3 years earlier. Not knowing that a pandemic was about to hit, I ventured into this business with grit and decisiveness, with the goal to make it happen no matter what.

So off I went to get my first clients, establish my own processes, and much more. And let me tell you, it was not easy!

I got to work, experimenting with different strategies, not sure what would stick


Building a referral network

Posting on social media (and finding out which one is the right one for me!)
Should I take on ads?! (Hint: No, a least if you are working 1:1 with people right now)

And after a little trial and error, it worked!

I started getting inquiries, and I got booked out 3-4 months in advance.

I’ve worked with over 38 clients in less than 3 years, and they have gone on to grow their businesses by attracting the right clients that want to work with them because their message, branding, and website look and feel as professional as they really are.

Having experienced this, I know exactly what challenges you are facing


Not knowing what marketing strategy is going to bring real results, so you don’t end up wasting a lot of time (and money) in things that don’t work

Communicating the real value of what you do in order to bring in the clients you truly want to work with

Presenting yourself (and your offer) in a professional way that is still true to who you are, and expressing it through words and visuals that draw attention (the right kind!) – (P.S.: Yes, I’m wearing torn jeans and a red vegan leather jacket in this photo, and I’m still professional 😉 You don’t have to hide who you are in your branding)

Want to know a little more about me?

I am passionate about helping B2B consulting and coaching businesses succeed (especially women-owned). I believe that everyone should be able to create as much abundance – of time, money, freedom, and joy – to be able to support the life of their dreams, especially women.

And as a Latina and a woman of color, I’m especially invested in helping other women of color achieve business success.

My Values


My own but also my parents, who are one of my biggest motivations in life. I want to take care of them in every possible way, to say thank you for all the years of sacrifices, and because I believe that they are the reason  I am who I am today. I also want to be an example for my little nieces that women can have successful businesses, without experiencing burnout and overwhelm.


When the weather allows it, I love to work from what I call my “outdoor office” – my little patio and garden where we grow all kinds of veggies in raised beds built by my husband himself. Yes, working from a beach on Bali is not everyone’s dream. THIS is mine. Working from anywhere and making my own schedule just rocks!


Should I say more? A day without laughter is for me truly a day not well lived.

What makes me different

International background

I’m based in Hamburg, Germany but originally from Ecuador. I have worked and lived in international environments throughout my life, and am able to navigate cultural differences with ease.

I can create your website in 3 different languages: English, German and Spanish. I am proficient in all 3 languages and understand the nuances of all of them. (I hope it doesn’t sound braggy, it’s just to let you know I can help you in other languages, too 😁)

Experience in the business world

I have worked for 4 of the biggest companies in Germany in different positions, from Purchasing to Supply Chain, to Product Development, to Project Management. Not only do I know how the corporate world works (which in many cases helps me understand your consulting business better), but I also use my experience, especially in Project Management, to bring professionality and structure to your website project.

I give back

Not only do I love supporting women-led businesses, but I also have a heart for Latinx-led businesses and businesses led by people of color in general. I commit to at least 2 pro bono projects every year, helping women in need of a little support to get back on their feet again. For example, this website for a voice artist and news anchor from Sri Lanka.

Let’s turn your website into your best sales and marketing tool!

My holistic approach to website creation includes:

b3lineicon|b3icon-pencil-brush||Pencil Brush

Solid brand strategy and stunning brand visuals

A brand that makes you look polished and that appeals to high-end clients looking for your coaching services.


Clear Messaging and Conversion-optimized Website Copy

We refine your message and find the right words that will draw your ideal clients to you. I use the Storybrand method to create a website that flows easily and provides your visitors with all the information they need to say yes to your offers.

b3lineicon|b3icon-responsive-design||Responsive Design

Professional WordPress Website (other platforms available upon request)

A professional-looking website that showcases your testimonials, case studies, framework, your story, logos of past clients, etc., and convinces the visitor to take the next step to work with you.

b3lineicon|b3icon-play-button||Play Button

Personalized Training & Tutorials

All the training and step-by-step tutorials you need, so that you can feel confident to use and grow the website yourself (retainer packages available if you need my support)

3 Steps to Work with Me


Book a Call

Book a consultation to talk about your brand & website project and to find out if we are a good fit.


We talk about your project needs

During the call, I will assess your situation and propose the best solution for you to reach your goals.


We work together

We create the most amazing, professional brand and website that will generate a steady stream of leads and clients for your business.

A professional online presence is a decisive factor for companies and organizations when hiring consultants.

Don’t let those 6 figure contracts slip through your fingers because you don’t look good online!