Branding package

VIP Branding Day

All you need to feel confident and get visible with your business online. Grow your income with consistent branding assets today!

What’s included:

  • A step-by-step workbook to set up the foundations of your brand (ideal client, unique selling proposition, brand personality, brand adjectives, etc.) This will be the groundwork for the visuals.
  • A 45-minute strategy call to clarify your brand foundations

After that, I will get to work on your visuals and create:

  • A color pallet, selection of fonts and stock images that match your brand –  put together in a brand board for you on Canva
  • A logo and a web icon (aka brand icon) created in Canva for you
  • Selection of different graphics from Canva to be used as icons or graphics on social media or your website, tailored to your color pallet (See first brand board below)
  • 5 customized templates on Canva of your choice. For example a FB/IG post template, a FB cover, LinkedIn cover, newsletter banner, or a cover for your PDF lead magnet.


1/ All your branding elements uploaded to your Canva account (Brand Kit, etc. – Canva Pro account required). Don’t have a Canva account? No problem, I will download all elements and share them with you as PNGs or JPGs in Google Drive or Dropbox

2/ A Canva mini-course that will teach you the fundamentals of how to use Canva, how modify your brand elements, and maximize the benefits of our work together.

How does it Work?

Step 1 - Book your VIP Day

Choose a day from my calendar that works for you. It would be great if you didn’t have many meetings that day, so you will be available to provide feedback via FB Messenger, and we are able to complete your branding on that day.

Also, you will get a branding workbook so you can start working on your branding foundations and be ready for your day.



Step 2 - Pre-Project Strategy Session

Appx. 7 days before your VIP Day, we get together for 45 minutes on Zoom to go over your workbook and answer any questions you have.

(You will find your link to your Pre-Project Session in the welcome e-mail after you book, AND you will get a reminder, so no worries ;))


Step 3 - Your VIP Branding Day

On your dedicated day, I’ll get to work on your branding all day. I will send screenshots and links via Facebook Messenger (or any other messaging app of your choice), and you will provide me with your timely feedback so we can complete everything by end of the day (or the next day at the latest)

And then your branding is DONE!


For any questions, email me at