Designed in a Day

A VIP Design Intensive – A whole day dedicated to your website project!

  • Have you been in business for a while, but you don’t really love the website you have?
  • Are you wondering how to find the time to figure out all-the-tech besides all you have on your to-do list?
  • Would you rather spend your precious time working in your zone of genius – serving your clients and creating the level of income you aim for in your business?

Imagine if…

  • You would have someone that would guide you through a very clear and streamlined process, from start to finish, starting with (re)-defining who you serve and what you offer in your business, a branding concept, all the technical stuff, the (effective) website marketing strategies, etc.?
  • You had a trusted web designer to create a simple but beautiful and effective website from start to finish
  • Someone that will have a very clear intake process and timeline, so you will know  eSectionIxactly how much it will cost (no surprises at the end), AND when your project will be completed
  • You had clear step-by-step video instructions on how to use and update your website, including 30 days of post-project support


You wouldn’t need months until your website is done, but have it completed in one day (or 2-3 if it is a bigger website)

All of these and much more is possible with

Designed in a Day

What kind of projects can be completed in a day?

We can focus on one key project or a combination of tasks. Here are some examples of what we could do in a day (or two):

  • A simple, conversion based 3-page website (Home/Work with Me/Book a Call), so you can start booking calls and clients and making money right away (Includes my step-by-step support to guide you through strategy, branding, website structure and even my feedback on your copy)
  • Blog set-up – Blog Post template you can use for all your blog articles , so they all have a consistent look taylored to your brand + a Blog Page to display all your blog posts
  • WordPress/Divi Rescue package – Did you start your website but got stuck? I will help you finish what you started, and answer all your Divi questions so you can update and grow your website yourself
  • Sales Page/Landing Pageupdate, redesign, or create a new sales or landing page for your course, webinar or product that’s designed to both look amazing and make more sales! (short-medium length in one-day, longer pages may need additional days)
  • Your Opt-In Page (or section) set-upBuild your list through conversion-focused opt-in page design, a thank you page, freebie delivery, and have it all set-up with your e-mail delivery system of choice
  • The initial website tech set-up to get you started – Set-up of hosting account, pointing domain to hosting, WordPress installed, Divi installed, all essential plugins (security, seo, analytics, etc.), 5 blank pages created for you. Header and footer set-up.
  • “Web Design Task List”—get your list of smaller design tasks knocked out in a day! Could include things like website content updates, installing and testing new plugins (depending on the functionalities you are looking for, I will give my recommendation), setting up T&C and Privacy Policy Pages, etc.


Step 1 - Book your day

You pick a day that works for you from the calendar. Keep in mind that you’ll need time to complete the pre-day work including our 1-hour strategy call & you’ll need all of your content ready to go for your day. I recommend allowing 2-3 weeks unless you’re trying to meet a tight deadline.

You’ll also need to be available virtually during your 1-Day intensive for messaging and providing feedback, so it’s better if you don’t choose a date full of appointments or meetings.


Step 2 - Complete the Pre-Day Work

Once you’ve booked your date, you’ll receive 2 emails from me. The 2nd email will include your Designed in a Day welcome pack with details about the pre-day work needed and a link to your Website Preparation Workbook. You will also receive a link to schedule our pre-day strategy call 7 days prior to our intensive day.


Step 3 - Your Dedicated Day

During your day, I’ll dig into your design work and we’ll communicate via a messaging app (i.e. Facebook Messenger) to collaborate as I work through the design.

This is not an in-person or video-call intensive, but I do need to be able to reach you for feedback and questions during the day. At the end of the day, I’ll send you the final work completed.

Step 4 - Post-Day Support

The day after your VIP intensive, I’ll provide one hour of revisions/final-touches on your work.

You also have 30-days of email support from me for any questions that may pop-up, just in case you are confused or stuck on anything related to the project.

And then your design work is DONE!


Hi, I’m Mariela

I create beautiful and high-converting websites for heart-centered online entrepreneurs so they can spend their time doing what they do best: serving their clients and growing their businesses.

I support you step-by-step in the process of (re)defining your ideal client, your offer, your branding and from then on we outline your website structure and your copy. When we work together, I become a trusted partner and an asset in your team, who will support you in achieving your business goals and reaching the level of income you strive for in your business and beyond.

WordPress and Divi: A Powerful combination!

I use WordPress and the Divi theme because they provide a solid foundation to build an online business.

The NEW Divi (4.0 and beyond) is easier than ever to learn, provides a clean and modern look, and is compatible with many of the systems you need for your business (memberships, online courses, podcast, online shops, and much more)

You will have a website that you can build upon!


BONUS: When I create a website for you (1-full Day project), you will get a FREE Divi license key – no renewals needed – free forever!  => Value: $80/year or $250/one time fee

Not sure if Designed in a Day is right for you?

Have more questions?

Something I do want to point out… 

It’s important to remember—when you book your day you’re booking my time (and my amazing design skills of course), not a specific set of deliverables. Because of my streamlined processes and experience, I complete work quickly. I also dedicate your scheduled day solely to your project (no calls, phone notifications, or other distractions allowed). All my focus is guaranteed to be on YOU!

And while the goal of Designed in a Day is to get your website/project live, this will very much depend on the feedback you provide during the day and changes to the scope, design, copy, etc. as we work together. In case the project can’t be finished on this day due to changes being requested throughout the day, then you will have the option to book another Design Day (or Half Day) to complete it.

Not sure if Designed in a Day is right for you?

Have more questions?