Grow your business as a coach or consultant through the right online strategy and a professional looking brand and website

We help female entrepreneurs reach new levels in their coaching or consulting business


You are a wealth of knowledge, a true expert in your field.


You’ve been at this a couple of years already, and have worked with a good number of clients.


You have a strong network of referrals that have supported your business growth – up to now.

But now…

It’s time for you to create a smoother client acquisition process

A marketing machine that brings you leads and clients even while you are away, enjoying time with your loved ones

No more hobby websites that make your prospects click away almost instantly

No more unclear messaging, broken links, and a logo that looks like your 5-year old created it


No more spending time on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook groups, WITHOUT having a place to send people to, in order to convert them into paying clients

I’m Mariela Cabezas, founder of Soul Business Design

I am passionate about helping women-owned consulting and coaching businesses succeed. I believe that everyone should be able to create as much abundance – of time, money, freedom, and joy – to be able to support the life of their dreams.

I help you reduce the overwhelm of constantly looking for new clients – and actually enjoy what you do! (not to mention saving you the hassle of taking care of the tech all by yourself!)

When we work together, I become a trusted partner and an asset to your team, who will support you in achieving your business goals and reaching the level of income you strive for in your business and beyond.

All you need to grow your coaching or consulting business

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Business Strategy

Let’s work together on the fundamentals of every business: positioning, messaging, offers, pricing, ideal client, and more
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Brand and Website Design

Trust my expertise to create a brand that speaks to your ideal clients and a website that is created with lead generation in mind.

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Online Marketing Strategy & Implementation Support

No matter how good your website is (and it will be very good!), you still need to put it out there, so that people know it exists. I help you create the best marketing and visibility plan for your business, and support you on implementing it month after month.

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What Clients are Saying


I highly recommend Mariela if you need a website. I had a slight vision, no design experience, and not much tech knowledge. Mariela had resources to organize my thoughts and pull out of me what my brand and business is about. She used her knowledge and experience to teach me what works best and why. She is responsive and cares about the quality of my site as much as I do.

When my first attempt at copy was not the best effort, she gave me additional resources to help me pare down and simplify my message. In addition, she provides access to tutorials that she’s always looking to improve and helpful instructional videos when I have a question. I am so pleased and have received numerous feedback on how beautiful, simple, and easy to understand my site is. THANK YOU!!!

Amy Stout

Life Coach


Mariela has been out of this world. She prepares you well to get your ideas down and preferences so she fully understands your vision and understands YOU. This way the final product is above par. She blew my website out of the ballpark. I could not be happier. She guides and steers you in the right direction, one you never knew existed!

I would highly recommend handing over your ideas and dreams for the most professional, safe, and workable website!

Thank you!! From my heart!

Dinuka Ranasinghe

Conscious Parenting Coach

How does it Work?


Step 1 - We talk on Zoom

We get together for a quick consultation. After the call, you will receive an email with a proposal and next steps.

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Step 2 - You choose your package

You will choose one of my 3 packages. Immediately after booking you will receive a welcome e-mail with instructions and workbooks to get to work on your website materials.


Step 3 - You complete your homework and show up to the strategy calls with me

Depending on the package you chose, you either have 4 coaching calls (1 a week) to work on your business foundations, OR we get together for a strategy call where we discuss your website homework after you fill out your workbook.


Step 4 - I get to work on your website

When we have everything together, I will complete your website within the agreed timeframe.

And then your project is DONE!


Some of my

Recent Projects

Clients have said they love my process and my Website Preparation Workbook. They have gone from “no clear offer” or “no copy” to total clarity and lots of copy to choose from – and a kickass website as a result. Take a look.

DEI Consultant, Educator, Social Worker

Career Coach for Healthcare Professionals

Counselor and Life Coach

After we work together you will:

Feel confident sending leads and clients to your beautiful new website!

Feel empowered and in charge of your own website through my personal training, tutorials and post-project support, so you or your team can maintain and update your website at any time

Feel relieved that you saved your time possibly weeks and months of trial and error, and invested that time in serving your clients and growing your business instead!

Want to start with your website project ASAP?

Let’s talk and find out if we are a good fit!