Charlene Richardson, Counselor and Life Coach
My experience of working with Mariela was phenomenal in every way. With a rare combination of warmth and professionalism, she created a safe space for me to discuss hopes, dreams, and concerns for my website. She took time to get to know my vision, even providing clarifying exercises at points where I was uncertain, so that my website could reflect my passions and draw the type of clients I enjoy working with. It was fascinating to watch Mariela take the bits and pieces of my ideas that were overwhelming to me and put them into a cohesive, beautiful website that I could be proud of! With Mariela, communication and interactions were prompt, meaningful, and reassuring. I could not be happier with the end result! I put a profile on Psychology Today that connects to my website, and actually had to change my status to “not accepting clients” because I was getting more responses than I was ready to handle. Without exception, each person who contacted me pointed to being impacted by my website, for which Mariela deserves all the credit. She is a kind, amazing professional who truly cares about each person she works with. Her artistry for website design is beyond comparison!